How to tell if Cesca chair is real?

The Cesca chair is an iconic piece of furniture that has remained popular since its introduction in 1928. Designed by Marcel Breuer, an American designer, the Cesca chair is renowned for its unique combination of comfort, durability, and style. However, as with any popular item, there are many counterfeit versions of the Cesca chair on the market. In this article, we will discuss the key features of the authentic Cesca chair and how to distinguish it from a fake.

How to tell if Cesca chair is real?

The Cesca Chair: How to Distinguish a Real One from a Fake

To authenticate Cesca chairs, pay attention to the following details:

Designer and Maker’s Tag

The first step in identifying an authentic Cesca chair is to check for the designer and maker’s tag. Marcel Breuer’s signature and the manufacturer’s logo are usually found on the bottom of the chair seat. If the chair lacks these tags, it is most likely fake.

Single Piece of Tubular Steel

Another important feature of the authentic Cesca chair is that it is made from a single piece of tubular steel. There are no joints or welded parts in the chair frame. This feature contributes to the chair’s durability and sleek design. If you notice any welds or joints in the frame, it is probably a fake.

How to Tell if Cesca Chair Is Real or Fake?

Welded Edges

The manufacturer also welds the edges of the tubular steel frame properly, which gives the chair a neat look. A fake chair may have poorly welded edges that compromise the chair’s design and quality.

Floor Protectors

Small plastic protectors are found at the bottom of each leg of genuine Cesca chairs. Their absence signifies that the chair is a counterfeit.

Knoll Tag

Knoll is the authorized manufacturer of Cesca chairs. Check for the Knoll tag underneath the chair to verify its authenticity.

No Rear Legs

Cesca chairs have a cantilever design and do not have rear legs. The presence of rear legs implies that the chair is not authentic.

Materials Used

The authentic Cesca chair uses beech, rattan, and tubular steel in its construction. The chair seat and backrest are made from woven rattan, which is known for its durability and flexibility. The frame is made from tubular steel, which is strong and lightweight. If the chair uses different materials or has a different construction, it is probably a fake.

How to tell if Cesca chair is real?

Knoll License

Lastly, Knoll is the current licensed manufacturer of the Cesca chair. The company acquired the production rights from Breuer’s original manufacturer in the 1960s. If you are unsure whether a chair is authentic, check for the Knoll logo or contact the company for verification.

Why are Cesca chairs so popular?

Cesca chairs have gained immense popularity for various reasons, including their lightweight yet sturdy tubular steel frames, versatility, multiple styles and colors, elegant design, and easy-to-use fully assembled state.

Can I return Cesca chairs after 7 days?

Some retailers may have a return policy for Cesca chairs, while others may not accept returns. It is crucial to understand the return policy of the retailer from whom you purchase your Cesca chair.

Where are Cesca chairs made?

Knoll, an American furniture company, manufactures Cesca chairs in Italy, where Marcel Breuer designed the original prototype. The high production cost of Cesca chairs is attributed to their unique design and high-quality materials. Cesca chairs have been in production for over 90 years, further adding to their historical significance and value, thus contributing to their higher price tag.

How to tell if Cesca chair is real?


The Cesca chair is a timeless piece of furniture that continues to be popular today. However, with its popularity comes the risk of counterfeits. By checking for the designer and maker’s tag, a single piece of tubular steel, properly welded edges, the materials used, and the Knoll license, you can distinguish an authentic Cesca chair from a fake. Investing in an authentic Cesca chair not only guarantees quality and durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your home or office.



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